IAE. Working in Partnership.

Sector: Agriculture, equestrian, and fencing equipment

Company: The United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of livestock handling equipment

Challenges: CO2 reduction and operator comfort

Solution: IC trucks with low fuel consumption and fleet management software that provides transparency.

STILL products: RX 70 25/35, STILL FleetManager

IAE are the UK’s leading manufacturer of agriculture, equestrian and fencing equipment. The 50-year-old family run business supplies an array of products such as animal handling and feeding equipment, fencing, shelters and mesh systems.

Following extensive fuel trials, IAE were impressed by the significant fuel efficiency and increased operator comfort of STILL’s world class IC engine counterbalance truck. The agricultural giant has recently taken delivery of a brand-new fleet of x19 RX70 diesel machines to their Stoke-on-Trent facility. In addition, we have also installed x4 EXV high lift pallet trucks to aid in the handling of products within their production plant. Steve Holt (IAE Distribution Manager) commented: "We trialled 10 different suppliers and STILL’s product came out on top in terms of fuel-saving and efficiency. We also hope to see improved tyre wear in the future, these trucks really are setting the standard when it comes to boosting business productivity."

Martin Barnett (Team Leader) said: "The trucks are more comfortable than our previous ones, the mast provides better visibility, the cab is spacious and all the operators have commented on the new controls and seating comfort. This is also the first time IAE have opted for closed-cabs which has been well received by the team."

The drive characteristics are fully programmable on the RX70 range and maximum efficiency can be achieved with up to 5 drive programmes that are easily adjustable to suit every task including speed, acceleration, and braking. Speed control is a major factor for IAE in terms of reducing incident levels. The company have a points-based system which allows them to manage the drivers and their operating behaviours. With high importance firmly placed on H&S, IAE are also in the process of applying for the latest ISO accreditations which will cement their ongoing commitment to safety in the workplace.

Frank Klucznik (IAE Managing Director) remarked: "We are really pleased with the new fleet of forklifts, they have surpassed our expectations in terms of their safety features and fuel-saving benefits. I am confident that we will continue to see huge cost savings with this product and the new FleetManager™ system will facilitate a new way of reporting for us. As market leader in the agricultural sector, safety is our top priority so this software will help us minimise incidents which is absolutely paramount within our operation."

Tim Easter (STILL Area Sales Manager) added: "It was imperative for IAE that we could provide bespoke specifications on the trucks. To minimise damage, we decided to raise the rear lights and reposition the exhausts. Throughout the contract I am confident this will deliver huge cost savings to IAE. In addition, IAE decided to extend their operation (in the distribution side of the business) to a 2-shift pattern and the truck hours have been increased to reflect this. We are absolutely delighted to be in partnership with IAE and are fully committed to supporting them now and in the future."

What made you choose STILL?

The fuel efficiency of their RX70 machines was unrivalled. This also enhances our Corporate Social Responsibility with the production of fewer C02 emissions. This not only has the added environmental benefit but it means a safer and cleaner working space for our operators. 

What were your requirements?

We have a range of distribution, production and galvanising facilities here at IAE so we needed a strong materials handling partner to aid in our complex operations.

Are you happy with the level of service?

As we have only just taken delivery of the trucks, we are yet to experience STILL’s after-care but we are confident that their service delivery will not let us down.

Are there any areas that stand out for you?

The quality of the STILL product has exceeded our expectations. The FleetManager™ system looks promising and will provide total transparency of our operation allowing us to monitor individuals and provide additional training where necessary.

Would you recommend STILL?

We would not hesitate to recommend STILL. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and look forward to developing our relationship in the future.